About Us

Field of red flowersIn January 1970, a group gathered at the Fresno Hotel, concerned about the lack of suitable housing for the elderly and mobility impaired. Inspired by federal and state programs like HUD, they envisioned creating affordable living spaces through government-backed loans.

Led by visionaries like Dr. Curtis Nagel and John Masten, the group formed a nonprofit called Older Americans Housing, Inc., with support from various religious and community organizations. Despite challenges, their ecumenical spirit guided them through decisions on architecture and contractors.

After four years of effort, their dream became a reality in May 1974 with the opening of Masten Towers, an 11-story modern apartment building in downtown Fresno. Named in honor of John Masten, the project provided housing for the elderly and mobility impaired.

Over the years, the organization expanded its reach with the construction of Glen Agnes in 1979 and Delno Terrace in 1986. Today, reaffirming their commitment to their original mission, they continue to provide housing and services tailored to residents’ needs, promoting health, security, and happiness for elderly and persons with disabilities of all income levels.